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Website Technology

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This website was originally developed using HTML and HTML templates. Then in the summer of 2003 I began incorporating  cascading style sheets .

In December 2003 I completed a genealogy database using Lotus Notes.  This database is not actually a live implementation of Lotus Notes/Domino since the cost of a Lotus Notes Server is prohibitive.  Using Lotus Notes R5, I built a local database that exports static HTML files.

The database allows me to enter the basic genealogy information and then with the press of a button I can export an HTML file that has all the proper links and formatting code.

The database simplifies the data entry process and provides much greater flexibility in formatting documents.

In addition, the database can generate a "Descendents Report" that lists all the direct descendants beginning with any particular individual.  The report tracks the family expansion from one generation to the next.

I hope to build additional report functions into this database and eventually I may even post the database on a Lotus Notes server.

Mark Stickels - Dec, 2003

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