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Memorials are like obituaries but a bit more descriptive.  A memorial page provides a brief summary of the life of a deceased person posted on this website.  These are a few things we want to include in our memorial pages.  (For a listing of Memorial Pages click here.)

  1. A link to the person's genealogy record (if you are not sure how to include a link, just paste the URL (web address) value into the document and an administrator will make the formatting changes)

  2. Occupation or Career - include companies worked, titles, achievements, years worked, etc.  But be brief and summarize the person's career interests.

  3. Places they lived - summarize the places the person lived, if it is just a few places then list all the cities, or you can describe general areas or states like "Midwest", "New England", "Mid Atlantic", etc.

  4. Interests - list the person's hobbies, recreational activities, past times, passions, etc.

  5. Health Issues - Health issues that they had most of their life, cause of death, health challenges, this can include mental health and addictions, smoking, drinking, etc.

  6. Military Service - if they were in the service did they see any action, wars, etc.  What was there rank and what service, how many years of service, etc.

  7. Religion - indicate the religion they were raised in, their religious or spiritual interests, or if religions was not a big part of their life then indicate this also.

  8. Politics - Political interests, activities and beliefs.

  9. Family - note any issues in their family life, what they seemed to like or dislike about family life.

  10. Friends - Indicate some of the person's closest friends, clubs they belonged to, etc.

  11. Pictures - It would be great to post pictures on this site but the pictures must first be posted on a website.  A great resource for posting pictures is the website  Once a web page has been setup then anyone can post pictures to this site. I would be happy to help you to setup a Findagrave page if one does not yet exist for your memorial.
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There are thousands of people entered on this website.  Do you have a page on this site?  Many of us are registered on Facebook, it is a great way to keep in contact with other people in your family.