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European Family Lines

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There are a number of Family lines that originate in Europe, both in Samuel's family and in Mark's family.   The list below lists all the family lines with known connections to Europe.

  • Ashby Family Line

    - The Ashby family originated in England with the William De Ashby about 1200. This Ashby Genealogy Report lists 26 generations of Ashbys, from England to the American Colonies. The Ashby's are a prominent family in the Winchester, Virginia area. There is a town named after Captain Thomas Ashby, Sr called "Ashby's Gap".  The Ashby's in the USA began as early Virginia colonists and their line intersects with the Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) of the Winchester area who also originated in the same area of Virginia.
  • Awbrey/Aubrey Family Line

    - The Awbrey/Aubrey Genealogy Report begins in Wales, UK in the 1100's and expands to Colonial Virginia, USA. As of December 2010 this line included almost 2500 descendants. Many thanks to Janet Ariciu for her amazing research into this line.

    John Awbrey was born in Abercynfrig, Brecon, Wales and came to the Virginia Colonies (USA) in late 1600's. His daughter, Dorothy Aubrey (Wright) married a Major John Wright and their children married into the Ashby family and this family also married into the Stickel(s) line.

    This line currently spans over 25 generations of Awbrey's and there are several more generations to be added. You will see many, if not most of the references in this website link to Janet Green Ariciu's Family as the source.

  • Brewster Family Line

    - Descendants of William Brewster the First (I) are detailed in the Brewster Genealogy Report. William Brewster the Third (III) was one of the organizing members of the Mayflower expedition to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, USA in 1620. William was born in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England.

    There is probably over 500 thousand descendents of William Brewster, but this report lists only a fraction of these descendants, mostly the ones between William and their intersection with the Moseley line.

  • Castree Line

    - Descendants of Richard Castree are detailed in the Castree Genealogy Report. Richard Castree Richard was born and raised in Ireland and was married to Margaret Stonay Buchanan. Richard and his wife came to the USA when their first child was just a baby in the early 1800's. Many thanks to Alex Southerland for much of the early research with this line.

  • DeCoster Family Line

    - The descendants of Isaac DeCoster are detailed in the DeCoster Genealogy Report. The DeCoster family originated in France and immigrated to Boston in the 1700's. The family began in the Boston area, and moved to Maine and then much of the family moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. This report list 12 generations of DeCosters.

  • Finger/Vinger Family Line

    - Descendents of (John) Johannes Vinger are detailed in the Finger/Vinger Genealogy Report. John Vinger immigrated to Germantown, New York from Palatinate, Germany in 1710 and many of his descendants still live in the Hudson Valley (New York) area. Much of the research regarding the Finger family comes from Dwight Finger and his web site at You will find many more Finger/Fingar/Vinger descendants on Dwight's website.
  • Moseley/Maudsley Family Line

    - Descendents of John Maudsley are detailed in the Moseley/Maudsley Genealogy Report. John Maudsley was born in Ormskirk, Lancanshire, England and migrated to the Americas in the 1600's.  John was an early Massachusetts colonist and his line intersects with both the Brewster and the Sears family lines.
  • Sears Family Line

    - The descendants of Richard Sears are detailed in the Sears Genealogy Report. Richard was born in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands and he was one of the early members of the Plymouth colony (Massachusetts, USA).  The Sears family intersects with both the Brewster Line and the Moseley line (Sam Stickels Maternal Lineage).  Many thanks to the Sears Family Association Website for their research.
  • Washington Family Line

    - The descendants of Reverend Lawrence Washington are detailed in the Washington Genealogy Report. Reverend Lawrence Washington was President George Washington's great great grandfather. Rev. Lawrence Washington was born in England and immigrated to the Virginia colony in the middle 1600's.
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