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Colonial Virginia - Family Lines

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The Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) Family originated in Colonial Virginia, USA in the middle 1700's.  This line of poor farmers probably immigrated from Germany and over the years their descendants married into several other colonial families.  The list below is just a partial list of these families, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Ashby Family Line

    - The Ashby family originated in England with the William De Ashby about 1200. This Ashby Genealogy Report lists 26 generations of Ashbys, from England to the American Colonies. The Ashby's are a prominent family in the Winchester, Virginia area. There is a town named after Captain Thomas Ashby, Sr called "Ashby's Gap".  The Ashby's in the USA began as early Virginia colonists and their line intersects with the Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) of the Winchester area who also originated in the same area of Virginia.
  • Awbrey/Aubrey Family Line

    - The Awbrey/Aubrey Genealogy Report begins in Wales, UK in the 1100's and expands to Colonial Virginia, USA. As of December 2010 this line included almost 2500 descendants. Many thanks to Janet Ariciu for her amazing research into this line.

    John Awbrey was born in Abercynfrig, Brecon, Wales and came to the Virginia Colonies (USA) in late 1600's. His niece (His brother Thomas' daughter), Dorothy Aubrey (Wright) married a Major John Wright and their children married into the Ashby family and this family also married into the Stickel(s) line.

    This line currently spans over 25 generations of Awbrey's and there are several more generations to be added. You will see many, if not most of the references in this website link to Janet Green Ariciu's Family as the source.

  • Broy Family Line

    - Descendants of Addison Broy are detailed in the Broy Genealogy Report. Addison Broy and his father William Broy were born in early colonial Virginia. Their Euopean roots are not yet known. The research of this line was provided by James Lock and his web database at Jim Lock's Genealogy Database
  • Finnell Family Line

    - Descendants of John Finnell are detailed in the Finnell Genealogy Report. John Finnell fought in the war of 1812 and his father fought in the Revolutionary war. The Finnell family originated in colonial Virginia and their European roots are not yet known.
  • Lock/Locke Family Line

    - Descendants of John B. Locke are detailed in the Locke Genealogy Report. John B Locke and his father William Lock lived in colonial Virginia during the revolutionary war times. Their European ancestry is not yet known.
  • McGee/MaGee Family Line

    - John McGee was the son of Thomas MaGee (Bef 1730 - 1785 Aft) and Mary Davis (MaGee) (Abt 1730 - ?). The McGee/MaGee Genealogy Report begins with John McGee who was born in Deerfield, Cumberland Co, New Jersey (NJ). His parents probably came from Europe but little is known about them except that they seem to arrived in American Colonies in the early to mid 1700's. One of the McGee's descendants married into the Stickel(s) of Winchester line and traveled with a group by wagon train to New Virginia, Iowa, USA. The lines seems to have started in West Virginia, USA and much of the family stayed in this area. Thanks to Barbara McGee (Stenberg) for much of the research of this line.
  • Sheperd/Shephard Family Line

    - Descendants of Thomas Shepherd are detailed in the Shepherd Genealogy Report. Thomas Shepherd was born in Virginia in the early 1700's and his European roots are not yet known. The Shepherd/Shephard family intersects with the Stickel(s) and Tomblin family Lines. Many thanks to Tracy Tomblin Propst and her website Tracy Tomblin Propst's RootsWeb site.
  • Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) Family Line

    - The descendants of Henry Stickle (I) are detailed in the Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) Genealogy Report. This line of Stickle(s) began with Henry (I) and his two children George (I) and Henry (II) who we believe immigrated to the American colonies from Germany or Holland. The Stickel(s) descendants changed the spelling of their last name to many different variations including Stickel, Stickels, Stickell, Stickle, Stickels and others. But they all seem to have come from this one family Virginia.
  • Tomblin Family Line

    - Descendants of John Tomblin are detailed in the Tomblin Genealogy Report. The Tomblin family originated in Colonial Virginia during the Revolutionary war. The European roots are not yet known.  Many thanks to Tracy Tomblin Propst and her website Tracy Tomblin Propst's Rootsweb site. This family line intersects with the Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) family line in several places but only one intersection is shown in this report.
  • Washington Family Line

    - The descendants of Reverend Lawrence Washington are detailed in the Washington Genealogy Report. Reverend Lawrence Washington was President George Washington's great great grandfather. Rev. Lawrence Washington was born in England and immigrated to the Virginia colony in the middle 1600's.


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