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Mark's family name is Stickels and his Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) family originates from the Winchester, Virginia, (USA) area. The Stickel(s) line has been traced back to early Colonial Virginia. Most of the early Stickel(s) were poor farmers but their descendants married some of the distinguished families in the area including the Washington Family (President George Washington), the Ashby Family, the Lock and Locke family, the Awbrey/Aubrey family, the Broy family, the Shepard family, the Finnell family, and the Tomblin family.

Mark's maternal Grandfather was Jack Castree and his Castree Family originated in Ireland and moved to New York City in the early 1800's. This family married into Finger family from up state New York.

Sam is Mark Stickels' son and his mother's family is a descendant of William Brewster, one of the organizers of the Mayflower expedition to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1635. This family is linked to many of the families from Colonial Massachusetts including the Sears Family the Moseley Family and the DeCoster Family

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