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New York Area - Family Lines

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Mark's Maternal Grandfather was a Castree.  The Castree line immigrated to New York City, USA in the early 1800's.  This line married into the Finger/Vinger line from the New York area.

  • Castree Line

    - Descendants of Richard Castree are detailed in the Castree Genealogy Report. Richard Castree Richard was born and raised in Ireland and was married to Margaret Stonay Buchanan. Richard and his wife came to the USA when their first child was just a baby in the early 1800's. Many thanks to Alex Southerland for much of the early research with this line.
  • Finger/Vinger Family Line

    - Descendents of John Vinger are detailed in the Finger/Vinger Genealogy Report. (John) Johannes Vinger arrived in Germantown, New York from Germany in 1710 and many of his descendants still live in the Hudson Valley (New York) area. Much of the research regarding the Finger family comes from Dwight Finger and his web site at You will find many more Finger/Fingar/Vinger descendants on Dwight's website.


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